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Chapter Ballot Announcement
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NASWAZ Board of Directors Ballot Now Posted - Voting Now Open!

The Chapter Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CCNLI) sought chapter members interested in running for the NASWAZ Board.

MEMBERS: Click on the button below and take a moment to vote in the Chapter elections or click here to submit your vote before 5:00 PM Arizona Time on June 21, 2019.


NASWAZ Board Secretary is pleased to announce the ballot for the 2019 Chapter elections.


President-Elect (Choose up to 1)

Erin Lowry, LCSW: Erin Lowry, LCSW, earned her MSW from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in 2006. She has performed a variety of roles within the field of Social Work. She is currently working alongside Law Clinic Directors at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law to create a robust interdisciplinary educational experience for Social Work Interns and Law Students. She has a private practice in Tucson, with an emphasis in trauma and sexual health. She is also currently and has worked for Arizona State University as a Field Liaison and Faculty Associate. Throughout her career as a Social Worker she has served in many capacities, primarily in the field of behavioral health, as a clinical supervisor, mentor, therapist, educator, substance use disorder counselor, case manager, and crisis service worker. This includes working in a variety of treatment settings, including inpatient, residential, integrated healthcare and outpatient. She has experience in program development, including areas of revision of policies/procedures and grant writing. 
Platform Statement: My passion for the field of Social Work is continually blossoming and expanding to new areas of interest and focus. It has been an honor to serve in roles which allow me to support the development of social workers and others through professional developmental opportunities and mentorship. I believe that supporting social workers has a great impact on our communities, as it is imperative that we stay informed and healthy in order to ethically/effectively serve others. Collaborating both within and across disciplines to effect change is crucial as it takes a variety of skills, perspectives and interventions/approaches to meet the challenges that we face today as a society and in our profession. I value diversity in all forms and am continually seeking opportunities to expand my awareness to face/confront systems that perpetuate oppression, discrimination and stigma. I continually strive to espouse compassion, empathy, diplomacy, conscientiousness and thoughtfulness. It would be an honor to serve as President Elect, helping to elevate our profession while also helping to move forward social justice advocacy efforts. 


Carlos Ramos, MSW: In my two years on the NASWAZ Board of Directors, I have had the pleasure of ensuring that the student voice comes across as emerging professionals. Being part of the board has been a privilege and the future of the Chapter needs someone that can continuously be a booming voice for the profession. The NASW Arizona Chapter will have that voice in Erin Lowry! Please elect Erin as President-Elect! 

Vice President 

Katie Mommaerts, LCSW, PhD: 
Platform Statement:  I have been a member of NASW for 13 years and believe in the values, knowledge, and skills of the social work profession. Additionally, I am currently the Branch 3 Co-Chair for the NASWAZ Chapter, and represent and serve the social workers and professionals of the Northern Arizona counties. I have both leadership qualities and clinical practice that demonstrate my ability to represent the NASWAZ Board with excellence. 


Experience: My social work career is diverse and incorporates my experience with various settings, populations, and across three states (Wisconsin, Colorado, and Arizona). I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an approved supervisor by the AZ Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and currently have one supervisee. I have over 10 years of direct social work practice in various roles and across the life span. I have worked in a variety of settings, such as: integrated care, hospice, schools, and community mental/behavioral health (as a therapist, manager, and clinical director), and currently as an assistant clinical professor at Northern Arizona University. In May 2017, I obtained an Infant/Family Clinical Practice Certificate from the Harris Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Training and Institute. Additionally, I am a current doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Health PhD program at Northern Arizona University where I am furthering and enhancing my skills, knowledge, and intersection of mind, body and spirit. 



Branch 1 Representative (May select up to all)

Bahney Dedolph, BSW, MA: NASW is our professional organization, and as such represents the interests of social workers and those we have the pleasure to serve. It has been my pleasure to serve as the public policy committee co-chair and communicate our advocacy efforts to our members through monthly policy calls and efforts to engage our members in legislative advocacy. I would like to continue my tenure on the board to help solidify our Arizona based public policy efforts. 

Telly Rivenburgh, BSW, LMSW: I have been passionate about the social work field for 10 years. I enjoy leading and guiding others who are committed to the social work practice. To help others create meaning and develop a high standard of professionalism. I would like to increase knowledge and meaning in others for the profession. To include awareness of the social issues, bridge gaps in care and services and increase training awareness. 


Lilly Perez-Freerks, MSW, CSWE: I have extensive social work practice experience and bring an enthusiastic attitude to the Board. I am excited for the opportunity to be apart of the NASW AZ Chapter Board of Directors. I look forward to promoting our social work profession and will bring my strong ethic to assist in achieving our Chapter vision and organizational goals. 


Bianca Harper, DSW, MSW: As a current member of the NASW-AZ Board, I have found connection with other social workers committed to enhancing our profession and advocating for Arizona social workers. I believe that my experience in co-developing a thriving NASW unit at the University of Southern California, positions me well to play an integral role in engaging students, faculty, and early career social workers. I am excited about the potential for growth and innovation within NASW-AZ and would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the NASW-AZ Board of Directors. 


Vincent Fricano, MSW: Empowerment of Social Workers is a crucial element missing in our field overall and I believe the NASW is in a unique position to change the way we view our field and ourselves as participants. More than ever, Social Work is a growing field encountering greater challenges and we have increasingly stepped into roles traditionally reserved for other disciplines that are generally viewed with higher prestige. If we empower ourselves and one another, just imagine what we can do for our clients. And once we are empowered, NASW can once again become more empowered as an organization. I believe in our empowerment as helpers and advocates-I support that as much as our many valuable causes as social workers. 



Branch 3 Representative 

Tallerita Tunney Rogers, MSW: As an Indigenous woman, it isn't easy to be strengths-based even when my traditions and customs are grounded in it. As a human being, I believe that interdisciplinary collaborations such as those pursued by Social Work are the most natural ways to finding and seeking solutions to the most complex problems. 

MSW Student Representative (choose up to 1)
Laura Meyer: Laura Meyer is entering her final year of the MSW program at Arizona State University in Tucson. After obtaining her B.A in Psychology and Nueroscience, Laura has developed a passion for working with personal and community development. Specifically, she is interested in resilience, grief, and spirituality as they relate to well-being. 

Anil Phull Sareen: As a parent of three amazing children and two awesome dogs, Navy Veteran, certified yoga and meditation teacher and MSW student, I care deeply about the social work profession, my fellow students at ASU, and the communities we serve. 
If selected to serve among the NASW AZ Chapter Leadership, my priority will be to swiftly learn how we do business and how our Chapter can most effectively engage all 2,200+ social work students at ASU. I am ready to engage my strong organizational, critical thinking, and collaboration skills towards advocating for policy changes and new policies that would benefit vulnerable populations in Arizona. 

Janet Dayer: As a chapter leader, I will proudly represent our student population. I will be involved and actively participating in board meetings and community events. I will serve as an advocate to other students and make myself aware of issues that may need attention. I will help make decisions that are in student's best interest and help bring awareness of the importance of students and their dedications. 


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