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CCNLI Biographical Sheet
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NASW Chapter Members,

We are pleased that you are interested in Chapter Leadership.

Click any position to view a job description for that position then complete the biographical form to tell us about yourself.  This information will be used in selecting a slate of candidates as well as other chapter and branch leadership.  We request gender and ethnic information so that our leadership reflects our total membership.  If you have any questions as you fill in the information below, please contact the CCNLI Chair at

Leadership Positions Available: Positions available for 2019-2020 (election in Spring 2019):

(1) President Elect (3 year term - 1 as President-Elect; 2 years as President)
(1) Vice President (2 year term)

Branch 1: 
(5) Branch 1 Representatives (2 year term)
Branch 2:
(2) Branch 2 Representative (2 year term)
Branch 3:
(2) Branch 2 Representatives (2 year term)
Branch 4:
Not up for election this term

Student Reps:
(1) MSW Student Representative (1 year term)
(1) BSW Student Representative (1 year term)

Chapter Delegate:

(1) Chapter Delegate



Board of Director Position Descriptions




Branch 1 Board Representative (3 positions open)

Branch 2 Board Representative (1 position open)

Branch 3 Board Representative (2 positions open)

Branch 4 Board Representative (2 positions open)

BSW Student Representative

MSW Student Representative 

Committee for Nominations and Leadership Identification (CCNLI) -- also known as "Nominations Committee"

CCNLI Chair 

Branch 1 CCNLI 

Branch 2 CCNLI

Branch 3 CCNLI

Branch 4 CCNLI

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